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PhD position in Chemistry, with a specialization in the structural biology of viruses at Umeå University, Sweden

Umeå University

Students with Chemistry and structural biology background, this opportunity is for you!

The Department of Chemistry at Umeå University, Sweden is presenting an opportunity for a PhD role in Chemistry, with an emphasis on the structural biology of viruses, especially those responsible for severe lower respiratory infections in children. This 4-Years role that leads to a doctorate degree offers a distinctive chance for those with a keen interest in virology and molecular biology to participate in pioneering research aimed at deciphering the mechanisms of virus assembly.


Project summary

This PhD project focuses on studying the Pneumoviridae family of viruses, which are a leading cause of acute lower respiratory infections in children. The research aims to understand how these viruses assemble, by analyzing the structure and dynamics of multi-component complexes involved in the assembly process.

In your PhD research, you will investigate the assembly of virus particles, specifically those from the Pneumoviridae family. You will use structural biology and biophysics to analyze the structure and dynamics of these viruses. You'll gain insights from both high-resolution in vitro systems and larger assemblies. You'll learn to operate cryogenic electron microscopes and refine 3D structures. Your work will also involve studying the interactions between viral proteins and lipids. The project aims to significantly advance our understanding of virus assembly.


Academic and personal Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in chemistry or a related field

  • Experience in infection biology

  • Knowledge and experience in biochemistry and structural biology within experimental biochemistry and molecular biology (e.g., cloning, protein expression, protein purification, cell culture).

  • Experience with Linux and/or python as well as/or prior virology experience.

  • Good oral and written proficiency in English.

  • A deep interest in infection biology, enjoy basic calculations and have the ability to work both independently and in a team towards common goals.


Application Documents:

  • A personal letter with a brief description of why you are applying for the position, and how your qualifications and research interests are relevant to the doctoral project described above (no more than 2 pages),

  • A curriculum vitae,

  • Copies of degree certificates, diplomas or equivalent, including documentation of completed academic courses, grades obtained, and other certificates of relevance to the described project,

  • Copies of student theses on advance level or other publications (no more than 5)

  • Contact information for at least two reference persons.


Application procedure:

You have to apply online for this position via the e-recruitment system Varbi.

For further Details, visit the post Page .

Application Deadline: 3 June 2024


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