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Biomedicine Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Melbourne | Quick Guide

If you're digging an undergraduate program biomedicine at University of Melbourne as a self-financed student, you might consider their merit-based scholarships offered which can help you get part of your tuition fees covered.

The Biomedicine Merit Scholarship at University of Melbourne is supported by the School of Biomedical Sciences and is offered to talented international students who are commencing the Bachelor of Biomedicine and are experiencing disadvantaged circumstances.

Below are the details you need to know.


Biomedicine Merit Scholarship Value

The Biomedicine Merit Scholarship provides a one-off payment of $5,000 in April (Start year intake) or September (Mid year intake).



To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

  • Not be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a holder of an Australian permanent visa

  • Have applied and meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Biomedicine (received an unconditional offer).

Selection Criteria

The scholarship is offered to eligible students who are ranked highest by the selection panel based on their entry score and personal statement. When determining the successful candidate for this award, other awards received by candidates are considered.


Application Procedure

First of all, to be considered for the Biomedicine Merit Scholarship, you must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedicine to receive the payment. So you have to be already admitted to the program.

When you are successfully admitted, you must submit the application form, which includes a personal statement addressing any compassionate or compelling circumstances that have impacted on their academic performance.

Application Deadlines

Mid Year Applications will usually open Early May and remain open until 14th of July each year.





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