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Call for 67 PhD Fully Funded Positions at University of Campania Vanvitelli in Italy (Various Disciplines)

Study in Italy

University of Campania Vanvitelli in Italy Calls aspiring PhD scholars to apply for 67 PhD fully Funded Positions in various fields. Particularly, 26 PhD Funded Positions in Science and Engineering for the Environment and Sustainability & 41 PhD Positions in Innovation and Sustainability plus other subcategories (see below detailed list). Each position has a specific title and area of research within its category.

These scholarships are fully funded and provide students with monthly stipend plus housing allowance. In this article we provide you with essential details about this opportunity.


The scholarship coverage and funding

1). The amount of the scholarship, for the academic year 2023/2024, is equal to EUR 16,243.00 and it is allocated in monthly instalments, deferred according to the attendance and the study and research activities performed, with the exception of PhD students with foreign citizenship, for whom the allocation is always made in monthly instalments in advance.

2). The scholarship coverage spans over a period of three years.

3). An increase in the scholarship is established at 50%, for a total period not exceeding twelve

months, for carrying out research activities abroad authorized by the faculty board.

4). For the performance of research activities in Italy and abroad, in addition to the scholarship, the doctoral student is guaranteed a budget, appropriate to the type of Doctoral Course and the specific discipline, and in any case no less than 10% of the amount of the scholarship for the first year of the course, and 20% of the amount of the scholarship from the second year.

5). A “one-offcontribution of 500 EUR is provided for the payment of accommodation expenses. This contribution will be allocated, as a priority, to enrolled international students residing abroad or outside the Region of Campania.


Areas of Research

Doctoral School in Human and Social Sciences

01. Doctoral course in Architecture and Cultural Heritage

02. Doctoral course in Legal and Social Sciences for Innovation

03. Doctoral course in Internationalisation of Legal Systems and Fundamental Rights

04. Doctoral course in the Sciences of the Mind

05. Doctoral course in History and the Transmission of Cultural Heritage

06 Doctoral Course in Environment, Comparative Law and Transitions


• Doctoral School of Polytechnics and Basic Sciences

07. Doctoral course in Science and Engineering for the Environment and Sustainability

08. Doctoral course in Industrial and Information Engineering

09. Doctoral course in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Applications

10. Doctoral course of National Interest in Design for Made in Italy: Identity, Innovation and Sustainability

11. Industrial doctoral course in Technologies for Resilient Living Environments


• Doctoral School in Life Sciences

12. Doctoral course in Translational Medicine

13. Doctoral course in Biochemical and Biotechnological Sciences

14. Doctoral course in Biomolecular Sciences

15. Doctoral course in Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences

16. Doctoral Course of National Interest in Public Administration and Innovation for Disability

and Social Inclusion

17. Doctoral course in Public Health

18. Doctoral course in Sciences of the Critical Area.


• Note: For each of the Doctoral Courses referred above, a specific descriptive sheet

(Annexes 1 to 18) is attached to the (call for applications PDF).

The descriptive sheet lists the doctoral course with PhD project title and description of responsibilities, thus, it is very important to read this file thoroughly especially the annexes 1-18.



There are no restrictions on nationality or age. Both Italian citizens and international students are eligible to apply. For this scholarship. You're eligible if you hold a relevant master's degree to the research area that is equivalent to Italian graduate degree.


Application procedure

The application has to be completed and submitted exclusively online using the dedicated on-line procedure, which is available at:

Documents required

A complete application includes:

  1. Diploma and Transcript of records

  2. Research project

  3. Colour photocopy of a valid identity

• Documents have to be attached to the application in electronic PDF format.

• Before the final closing of the application, candidates are required to print out the application, sign it and upload the PDF into the procedure, attaching a copy, in colour, of a valid identity document, the research project and any other relevant documentation; if access is made through SPID, no signature is required.

Application Deadline: 2.00 p.m. (Italian time) on 2 July 2024.

• After assessment and interviews, the results of selection will be communicated by early September 2024 on (this website)

• For further details and instructions, read thoroughly the (Call For Applications PDF file).




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