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Fully funded PhD position in Economics at Aarhus University, Denmark

Updated: May 28

The Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus University invites applicants for a PhD Scholarship in connection with the research project "Estimating the impact of Debt Relief" at the PhD Programme Economics and Business Economics.


Project Overview

The research project focuses on individual debt relief (also known as personal bankruptcy or "gældssanering") in Denmark. Although debt relief policies have been in place for decades, they have never been empirically evaluated. Debt relief programs offer partial or total forgiveness of unsecured debt to over-indebted individuals through local courts. These programs can be seen as a form of social insurance, providing an escape route for those burdened by debt.

Research Questions

1. Impact Assessment: The project aims to assess the economic effects of debt relief. Specifically:

- How does debt relief affect the lives of over-indebted individuals?

- What changes occur after debt relief is granted?

- Does debt relief lead to positive outcomes for health and families/children?

2. Entrepreneurship and Business: The project investigates the relationship between debt relief and entrepreneurship:

- Does debt relief influence the likelihood of starting one's own business (becoming an entrepreneur)?

- How do businesses fare after debt relief?

3. Insurance Value: The project quantifies the insurance value of debt relief:

- To what extent does debt relief improve economic status and stability for granted applicants?



The successful candidate is expected to have:

  • A strong background in Economics or Public Policy

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Demonstrated track record in terms of good grades in previous courses. Especially relevant courses includes, for example, (micro)econometrics or labor/public economics.

  • Profound interest in economics with a particular focus on public policy/finance or labor economics more broadly.


Application procedure

Interested Candidates are invited to submit their applications through this; online application portal.

Application Deadline: Thursday 1 Aug 2024 at 23:59 CEST

For further info, visit the official post webpage:



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