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Fully funded PhD position in Quantum Machine Learning at University of Basel, Switzerland

Updated: Jun 13

Quantum Machine Learning IBM

The University of Basel (Prof. Aurelien Lucchi) and IBM Research Zurich (Dr. Stefan Woerner and Dr. David Sutter) are seeking applications for a PhD position in Quantum Machine Learning. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning. Potential topics for the position include developing the next generation of quantum deep neural networks and developing new training algorithms with convergence guarantees.


About the position

The IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, is part of IBM's research division, which employs 3000 individuals at twelve research laboratories worldwide. It is the largest industrial IT research organization in the world. Cutting-edge research and outstanding scientific achievements – most notably two Nobel Prizes – are associated with the Zurich Laboratory.

Your tasks include:

  • Conduct research in the field of applied mathematics and computer science

  • Write research papers, articles, and present results at leading international conferences. We publish in peer-reviewed machine learning conferences (ICML, NeurIPS, etc. ), in quantum conference avenues (QIP, TQC, IEEE QCE, etc.), and in quantum journals (Nature, PRL/PRX, Quantum, etc.).

  • Interact with national and international teams of mathematicians and computer scientists


Required qualifications

  • Master's degree in mathematics, theoretical physics, or computer science (or comparable).

  • Quantum information theory (theoretical aspects, algorithms, etc)

  • Machine learning

  • Optimization

  • Software engineering (coding in python, Qiskit, etc)

  • Outstanding academic record, very strong mathematics background

  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English


Application procedure and documents

Interested candidates must send an application as described below to:

Your application should be a **single pdf file** containing the following files:

  • Curriculum vitae (including a list of publications if applicable)

  • Scanned transcripts of bachelor's and master's degree

  • Contact information (no direct recommendation letters) for at least two references that can recommend you

  • Your latest thesis (and/or one of your publications if applicable)

Application Deadline: Open until filled


For further info, visit the official post Webpage


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