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Fully-funded PhD scholarships for international students at KTH institute of Technology, Sweden.

Updated: May 15

KTH Institute of Technology

KTH institute of technology is inviting international students pursuing PhD. studies to apply to fill several positions within multiple domains and fields. See below each position and click on any you find it of your interest to access the official position's page and associated details. A short description of the project is provided here along with Application deadline.

Project Description:

In this project, you will investigate the effects of drying and moistening on fibres and fibre joints during manufacturing and end-use. A particular focus will be on understanding how anisotropic constraints during drying influence the development of the network's mechanical properties and residual stresses. This project provides an exciting opportunity to gain insights into the complex behaviour of fibre networks and contribute to advancing our understanding of these widespread materials, which are integral to the transition towards sustainable development.

You will develop and extend our in-house computational tools for multiscale modelling of fibre networks. On the experimental side, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities for material characterization, including advanced imaging techniques and mechanical testing equipment necessary for completing and validating the modelling efforts.

This project will establish close collaboration with industry partners such as Tetra Pak, Canon, RISE and FibriTech. The doctoral student is expected to disseminate their work through publications in scientific journals and contributions to national and international conferences.

Application deadline: 31.May.2024




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