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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program - Complete Guide [A Fulbright Exchange Program]

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

is a prestigious Fulbright Exchange initiative that brings accomplished mid-career professionals from developing countries to the United States for a year of of non-degree study, professional development, and networking. Through academic study and collaboration with U.S. counterparts, Humphrey Fellows enhance their leadership skills and expertise in critical fields such as human rights, sustainable environments, and institutional capacity building. Alumni of the program have gone on to shape national policies, introduce innovative management methods, and contribute significantly to their home countries' development.

Continue reading this guide for detailed information about eligibility, benefits, and application procedure.


Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Fields of Study

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program offers opportunities in various fields, allowing mid-career professionals to enhance their expertise and leadership skills. Here are some of the key fields of study:

1. Human and Institutional Capacity:

  • Economic Development: Suitable for policy makers and administrative managers focusing on contemporary development issues such as population growth, agriculture, industrial development, poverty, income distribution, labor markets, and foreign trade.

  • Finance and Banking: Relevant for financial institution managers, regulatory experts, and those involved in transnational lending, trade financing, or public-private partnerships.

  • Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration: Equips Fellows with skills to address diverse policy issues, including anti-corruption, workforce development, public management, NGO leadership, and more.

  • Technology Policy and Management: Ideal for network administrators, urban planners, and educators involved in technology policy formulation and management.

2. Other Fields:

  • Law and Human Rights

  • Climate Change

  • Contagious and Infectious Diseases

  • Public Health Policy and Management

  • Communications and Journalism

  • Agricultural and Rural Development

  • Education

  • Public Policy

➢ These fields align with U.S. foreign policy goals and bilateral relationships, fostering global collaboration and positive impact. .

Important Note: The Humphrey program is a non-degree program. Humphrey Fellows cannot transfer from non-degree status to degree status under any circumstances. Humphrey Fellows pursue tailored study programs at participating host institutions, where the freedom from the requirements of a degree program gives each Fellow the flexibility to pursue a self-directed, individualized program.


Fellowship Benefits

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program offers valuable benefits to eligible candidates:

1. Waiver of Tuition Fees:

Fellows receive coverage for tuition and fees related to their academic program.

2. Monthly Living Stipend:

A monthly maintenance allowance is provided to support living expenses during the fellowship.

3. Health Coverage:

Fellows are covered under the Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges, following U.S. Government guidelines.

4. Book and Supplies Allowance:

A modest allowance is allocated for books and other educational materials.

5. Round-Trip Airfare:

The program covers round-trip international air travel to the host institution.

6. Domestic Travel:

Fellows receive allowances for domestic travel, including attending the Washington, D.C. workshop.

7. Professional Activities:

Additional allowances support field trips, professional visits, and conference participation.


General requirements and eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Education: Applicants should have an undergraduate (first university or Bachelor’s) degree.

2. Professional Experience: A minimum of five years of substantial professional experience is required.

3. Public Service Commitment: Demonstrated commitment to public service and community involvement.

4. Leadership Attributes: Applicants should exhibit leadership qualities.

5. Nationality: Be a citizen of Eligible Country (See list of Eligible Countries here)

6. English Proficiency: Fluency in English is essential for program participation.


Application Procedure

Humphrey Fellows who meet the eligibility requirements apply for the program through their Binational Fulbright Commissions or Public Affairs Section of the U.S. embassy in their home countries. Contact your country’s Binational Fulbright Commission or the U.S. embassy for information on how to apply, including deadlines.

General Application Procedure

Application Timeline:

The online application typically opens in April and closes in May. For example, the 2023-2024 application was open from April 1 to May 30, 2024. Candidates should check with their Binational Fulbright Commissions or Public Affairs Section of the U.S. embassy in their home countries for detailed information about application process.

Online Application:

Access the online application through the designated platform which will be provided to you by the competent authority, and Complete the application form, including references and other required details.

Technical and Academic Reviews:

  • All applications undergo technical and academic reviews.

  • Candidates who meet the requirements will proceed to the next stage.


  • Eligible candidates are usually interviewed by American interviewing teams.

  • The interview process helps assess suitability and alignment with program goals.




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