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MEXT Scholarship in Japan (Embassy Recommendation) | Fully Funded

Updated: Jun 13

MEXT Scholarship 2025

If you are planning on pursuing a graduate degree at Ritsiumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), then you might be eligible for the fully funded MEXT Scholarship by Embassy recommendation.

This scholarship is provided by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) through the recommendation of the Japanese embassy in the applicant's home country.

In this article we provide you with a guide about this opportunity regardless the deadline of applications.


MEXT Scholarship (Embassy recommendation)

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must first apply through the Japanese embassy. After receiving the primary screening results from the embassy, applicants will then submit certain documents to APU. Most embassies accept applications around April each year, but please contact the embassy in your home country to confirm their application procedures.


Scholarship Coverage

The MEXT Scholarship Embassy recommendation is fully funded scholarship that covers the following:

  • Full application fee

  • Full admission fee

  • Full tuition

  • 144,000 JPY per month for living expenses (amount subject to change)

  • Economy class air travel between the home country and APU at the beginning and end of the program


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Intend to study abroad in Japan from overseas

  2. Not have Japanese nationality and be a national of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan

  3. Be born on or after April 2, 1989

  4. Be willing to learn Japanese, be interested in Japan, and be willing to deepen your understanding of Japan after arriving in Japan

  5. MBA applicants only: Possess three years of full-time work experience (including full-time internship) by the time of enrollment to APU, preferably in a field related to the desired area of study or possess equivalent project or organizational experience


Application and Selection Process

  1. Contact your local Japanese embassy for further information

  2. Submit application documents to embassy around April or May each year

  3. Receive the primary screening results from the embassy

  4. Submit APU Graduate External Scholarship Online Application Here Acceptance" from APU

  5. Submit the "Letter of Acceptance" to the embassy

  6. Receive the final decision from the embassy


Further resources about this scholarship


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