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Multiple Doctoral Research Positions at Aalto University, Finland with approximately 2700 € per month (gross) salary.

Updated: May 14

Alto University
Alto University

Aalto University, Finland invites online Application for number of Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at Aalto University, Finland.

1.Paid PhD position summary/title: Doctoral Researcher in Electrically Driven Soft Matter

Active Matter research group at the Department of Applied Physics in Aalto University (Finland)  is looking for an outstanding Doctoral Researcher (PhD student) to pursue a degree in the field of soft matter physics. The goal of the doctoral researcher is to develop novel approaches to controlling colloidal dispersions using electric fields. The chosen doctoral researcher will utilize various experimental and computational methods and work closely with other members of the research group.

Deadline: 31.5.2024

View details & Apply At the official website.

2.PhD position summary/title: Doctoral Researcher for Experiments in Swarming Dynamics of Living Swimmers.

3.PhD position summary/title: 16 Doctoral Researchers in the field of Microelectronics.

4.PhD position summary/title: 14 Doctoral Researchers for the Doctoral Education Pilot for Mathematics of Sensing, Imaging and Modelling (DREAM).



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