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Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship in Germany 2024

Updated: Jun 21

If you're looking to pursue Bachelor Studies in Germany and believe you have the sufficient academic merits to compete, then you may consider the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship at University of Mannheim.

Presented by University of Mannheim Foundation aims, the scholarship intends to enable students in a disadvantaged position to take up or complete their studies.

Students are funded for up to one year. At the end of the funding period, they can reapply for the scholarship. The selection committee individually decides on the amount of funding for each student.


Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship coverage

In this scholarship There is no fixed maximum funding amount. In your application, you will be asked to indicate the amount of money that you will absolutely need each month. You can give a detailed list of your income and expenses in the online application. The difference between income and expenses will help you to estimate the desired amount of funding. The selection committee will take into consideration economic, family-related, and personal circumstances of each student. These include, for example, urgent emergencies, a lack of support from family, disabilities, illnesses, or taking care of relatives.



  • The Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship is open to international students as well as residents.

  • Only Bachelor Studies are sponsored at this point

  • For German citizens, BAföG letter of approval or refusal is requested.

  • There is no predefined grade average requested by the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship.

  • Applicants have to apply for a study place first before applying for the scholarship.


Application Procedure

Applicants for a study place at the University of Mannheim have to apply for a study place first before applying for the scholarship. You have to start studying at the University of Mannheim before you can receive the scholarship.

If you're currently a student there, you can submit an application with this list of document:

Fully completed application

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)

  • Letter of motivation (one to two A4 pages)

  • Copy of your Higher Education Entrance Qualification

  • Copy of your bachelor's degree certificate (if applicable)

  • Copy of further degree certificates (if applicable)

  • Current transcript of records including your average grade (if applicable)1

  • Proof of your financial situation with appropriate supporting documents. Please indicate of all financial resources including any financial support for example from your parents.

  • For German citizens, Official notice of approval or rejection regarding the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) to state why the applicant does not receive BAföG.

  • Proof of any personal, family-related, or health-related circumstances, if any

  • Other documents (professional experience, vocational training certificates, prizes, awards etc).

➢ You can find further info on this (PDF

Application Deadline: July 1st 2024




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