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Order of the White Rose Scholarship | $50,000 award for Women in Engineering

Updated: Jun 3

Order of the white Rose Scholarship

The Order of the White Rose Scholarship is an annual and non-renewable Canada-wide scholarship awarded annually by the Polytechnique administration to a woman engineering student who wishes to enrol in graduate studies in engineering (master’s or PhD) at the institution of her choice, in Canada or elsewhere in the world.


Scholarship overview

Value: $50,000 award

Study Levels: Master's or PhD

• Study Fields: Graduate studies program in engineering

• Deadline: 2024 Jun 15 11:59 PM (EDT)



To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidate must, as of the application submission deadline at her home institution, be:

  • A woman

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • A graduate of an engineering program at a Canadian university and have completed her bachelor's degree in December 2023, or be in the process of completing it in May or August 2024.

  • Enrolled, or in the process of enrolling, in a graduate studies program in engineering (master’s or PhD) to begin the year after receiving her bachelor’s degree*.

*As of September 1, 2024, the candidate must be enrolled in a graduate studies program in engineering (master's or PhD) and have sent proof of enrolment to Polytechnique Montréal at (


Application procedure

The candidate must submit her application portfolio to the department responsible for this comptetition at her home institution (where the candidate completed her bachelor's degree) for the first step of preselection. This institution is responsible for organizing the internal competition to choose a finalist, and for sending the finalist’s portfolio to the Order of the White Rose scholarship selection committee.

Application documents

The candidate’s submission must contain the following:

  • the identification form (.pdf)

  • A letter of motivation detailing, among other things, the candidate’s aspirations and what the scholarship will allow her to accomplish; (1 page max.)

  • A curriculum vitae: the candidate must explain the precise role she played in any published research; likewise, she must describe her contributions to any project or initiative she has taken part in, so that the selection committee members can properly understand her involvement and role;

  • A detailed description of the candidate’s achievements (1 page max.)

  • A detailed description of the candidate’s social engagements (1 page max.)

  • The most recent official transcript

  • An official proof of enrolment in a graduate studies program (master’s or PhD)

  • A letter of support signed by a person in authority at the candidate’s home institution (e.g., professor, dean, department head);

  • Any other document deemed relevant. (max. 2 pages)


Application Deadline

For candidates: The deadline for submitting your application portfolio is determined by your home university, which is the institution where you completed your bachelor's degree. To find out your university's deadline, contact the department responsible for scholarships.

For further info, visit the official website of:

Or contact



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