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Production Sharing Contracts scholarship 2024, Trinidad and Tobago

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago invites ONLINE applications from

citizens of Trinidad and Tobago for scholarships being offered under the Production Sharing

Contracts (PSC) for the academic year commencing September 2024.

This scholarship is aimed at providing critical human resources to fill specific needs in the

Petroleum and Natural Gas Sectors. In this article we share with you essential information to help you in the application process.


Production Sharing Scholarship (PSC) Summary

Eligibility: Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Study Levels: Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Coverage: Fully Funded

Deadline: 28 June 2024


PSC Scholarship Benefits

The awardees of the Trinidad and Tobago PSC scholarship will get the following benefits:

  • Tuition and compulsory fees (as indicated by the academic institution)

  • Personal Allowance

  • Salary Allowance (applicable to Permanently Appointed Public Officers Only)

  • Annual Book Allowance

  • Special Equipment Allowance

  • Round trip economy-class air travel (where applicable)

Tenability Conditions:

These scholarships are tenable at any accredited local or international academic institution.

Scholarships will not be offered for study abroad if the programme of study is available locally. The scholarship is renewed annually subject to satisfactory performance as evidenced by the Requirements of the institution for the student to be in good academic standing.


Study Fields Covered

The following areas of study are prioritized for these scholarships:

1). For Undergraduate Levels:

  • Economics, Mathematical/Economic Modelling

  • Engineering in Mining, Geological and Geophysical Engineering

  • Strategic Procurement Management

2). For Postgraduate levels:

The fields of undergraduate above Plus:

  • Petroleum Law

  • Management/Infrastructure Planning and Management/Critical Infrastructure Systems

  • Oil, Gas, and Energy Policy

  • Geology/Geophysics/Geoscience

  • Renewable Energy Technology

  • Petroleum Economics and Management

  • Environmental Studies


Application procedure

Interested candidates must submit their applications online by reaching out to this:

• A guideline on how to apply along with required documents can be found on this document (PSC-2024.PDF)

• During your application you basically have to:

  1. Submit two recommendations: one academic and one personal or professional.

  2. Provide proof of acceptance or enrollment at an accredited institution.

  3. Write and submit an essay explaining the relevance of your chosen field to Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector.

  4. Attach all required documents, such as academic certificates, proof of citizenship, and valid ID.

• Application Deadline: 28 June 2024

Response Time: 60 to 90 days after the closing date.



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