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Research Internship position in Reduced-order modeling with Artificial Neural Networks for nanophotonics, Inria University, France

Updated: May 22

The Inria research Centre at Université Côte d'Azur has an exciting opportunity for students who are looking for a PhD scholarship in applied mathematics or scientific computing.

The center is offering an internship that leads to a PhD position in "Reduced-order modeling with Artificial Neural Networks for nano photonics".



This internship work is expected to be a first step toward a PhD project that will be concerned with the development of an advanced computational design methodology for studying and improving the performance of CMOS imagers. This PhD project will be funded a Cifre grant in the framework of a collaboration between the Atlantis project-team of Inria research center at Université Côte d'Azur and STMicrolectronics (CMOS Imagers division of the Technology for Optical Sensors department) in Crolles. Starting from the achievements during the intership, the PhD work will aim at three main objectives:

  1. The development of an ANN-based non-intrusive ROM methodology for three-dimensional parameterized time-domain electromagnetic problems able to deal with parametrized geometrical features

  2. The development of single-objective and multi-objective inverse design strategies that leverage the ANN-based non-intrusive ROM methodology

  3. The application of the methodology resulting from (1)-(2) to the design of CMOS imagers.


Desired Qualifications and Skills:

Technical skills and level required :

  • Master or engineering degree in numerical mathematics or scientific computing

  • Sound knowledge of numerical analysis for PDEs

  • Basic knowledge of physiscs of electromagnetic wave propagation

  • Software development skills : Python and Fortran 2003

Relational skills : team worker (verbal communication, active listening, motivation and commitment).

Other valued appreciated : good level of spoken and written english.

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