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Schwarzman Scholars program for Younger Leaders to study in China 2025-26 | Fully Funded

If you hold an undergraduate degree and looking to expand your horizons by pursuing a master's degree in China, then this opportunity might be a good fit for you.

Schwarzman Scholars Program in China is a prestigious program that selects high-caliber individuals from around the world to represent the next generation of leaders.

Applications are now open for the Academic year 2025-2026 that starts on August 2025 next year. Every year, a new class is selected to represent the world’s next generation of leaders — high-caliber individuals with open minds and limitless potential who will serve to deepen understanding between China and the rest of the world.

Below we summarize essential information about this opportunity.


Scholarship Benefits:

Scholars will receive a comprehensive scholarship, including:

  • Tuition & Fees

  • Room & Board

  • in-country Study Tour

  • Travel to and from Beijing

  • Health Insurance

  • A Stipend for personal expenses


Personal Qualities of candidates:

The Schwarzman Scholars program is looking for specific individuals who exhibit the following competencies:

  1. Leadership Abilities: Candidates should exhibit strong leadership skills.

  2. Exemplary Character & Integrity: Demonstrating integrity and ethical behavior is essential.

  3. Academic Aptitude & Intellectual Ability: Prospective Scholars must have outstanding academic achievements.

  4. Empathy & Intercultural Competency: The ability to understand and appreciate other cultures and perspectives is valued

  5. Open Mindedness: Scholars should be open to diverse viewpoints.

  6. Entrepreneurial Spirit: A mindset that embraces innovation and change


Eligibility Criteria:

1). Undergraduate degree

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree, applications who are currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programs must be on track to successfully complete all degree requirements before August 1 2025 of their Schwarzman Scholars enrollment year.

There are no requirements for a specific field of undergraduate study; all fields are welcome, but it is important for applicants, regardless of undergraduate major, to articulate how participating in Schwarzman Scholars will help develop their leadership potential within their field.

2). Age

Candidates must be at least 18 but not yet 29 years of age as of August 1 of their Schwarzman Scholars enrollment year (for the Class of 2025-2026, as of August 1, 2025)

3). English language proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate strong English skills, as all teaching will be conducted in English. If the applicant's native language is not English, official English proficiency test scores must be submitted with the application. This requirement is waived for applicants who studied at an undergraduate institution where the primary language of instruction was English for at least two years of the applicant's academic program.

Acceptable English test options are: Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT). Minimum score 100. International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Minimum score 7. Cambridge English: Advanced (C1) or Cambridge English: Proficiency (C2). Minimum score 185.


Application Procedure and Deadline:

The application window for the class of 2025-26 is now open until September 12, 2024 at 3 p.m. EDT.

You can submit your application by visiting this

For further info, visit the official website below:



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