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Several Fully Funded PhD Positions in Agronomy and Forestry at Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in Lithuania is inviting qualified students to submit their applications for several fully funded PhD positions mainly in Forestry and agriculture fields of science. The scholarship covers tuition fees and pays a monthly stipend of €1078 during 1st year and €1210 during 2–4th year. See details Below.


Description and Topics

Applicants to doctoral studies in Agronomy Science Field are admitted through an open

competition according to the chosen dissertation topic separately to each doctoral institution that has been granted the joint right of doctoral studies. Applicants can apply to no more than one dissertation topic.

Mainly, there are about 30 scholarships for 30 PhD dissertation titles, you will need to select the relevant title and apply to it accordingly.

Academic and Scientific Qualifications

  1. Master’s degree or higher education degree equal to it.

  2. Scientific research experience, participation in research work/activity.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Published or accepted scientific publications

  • Grade point average of the master’s diploma

  • Motivation interview (face to face or online)

  • No IELTS required


Funding Details

  • Monthly stipend: 1078 € during 1st year and 1210 € during 2–4th year

  • Miscellaneous benefits: Junior Researcher job opportunity, PhD internship funding, publication budget, conference budget, summer schools, etc.


Application Procedure

Application for admission to doctoral studies and all documents has to be sent by email: (

Required documents

  1. Fully filled (Application Form) to participate in the competition on behalf of the head of the institution

  2. Diploma certifying a master’s degree or equivalent classification and its Supplement/Appendix

  3. Recommendations from two scientists. One scholar’s recommendation /feedback must be the guide of the selected main topic. Recommendations cannot be older than one calendar year

  4. Curriculum Vitae

  5. Motivational letter

  6. List of scientific publications (with full bibliographic description) and copies of them; if the article is not yet published – a certificate issued by the editorial board of the scientific journal about its acceptance (after the review procedure) and its manuscript

  7. Copy of passport page with personal data or a copy of identity card

  8. Documents confirming the change of surname

  9. Other documents that the applicant wishes to submit

Application Deadline: August 26, 2024

IMPORTANT NOTE: before You apply for the recognition of Your Master diploma, please send an application to issue the document that You are planning to participate in the competition at LAMMC. LAMMC will send the institutional letter to SKVC, but all the rest documents have to be sent by Yourself.


Downloadable Content

1). Admission to the Agronomy PhD Program

2). Admission to the Forestry PhD Program





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