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The Exeter MBA Better World Scholarship (Up to £12,000 in Value)

If you are considering applying for MBA at Exter University as a self-financed student, you might as well consider the Exter MBA Better World Scholarship to help you cover part of your tuition fees.

Better World Scholarships are awarded by the MBA Programme Director to students who can demonstrate outstanding academic merit or financial need and a commitment to the ethos of the programme. The awards aim to recognise and support a range of factors to enable and support a fully diverse, able and enthusiastic cohort. The university has up to £500,000 worth of scholarships available. To be considered for a scholarship, all you need to do is apply for The Exeter MBA. If you are a suitable candidate, the university will invite you to apply for the scholarship. These scholarships are awarded entirely at the discretion of the Business School.


Scholarship Value

The value of The Exeter MBA Better World Scholarship ranges from £4,000 to £12,000 for one year and cannot be extended.


Entry Requirements and Application

There is no separate application for this scholarship, To be considered for it, all you need is to apply for the MBA program at Exter University. As a final step, you will also need to prepare and submit a video of yourself talking to camera, in which you address some key factors that support your application:- why you believe that you deserve a scholarship; what you will bring to the programme that will benefit others in the cohort; why responsible leadership is of particular interest to you; and how you’d plan to be an ambassador for the Exeter MBA programme after graduation.

This scholarship is seasonal, if you miss current one, you can catch up on the next call.

Application Deadline: 30 June, 2024





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