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The International Excellence Scholarship 2025 at University of Newcastle, Australia

Applications will soon be open for students to apply for the The International Excellence Scholarship at the University of Newcastle, Australia for Trimester 2, 2024 and beyond.

The International Excellence Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that acknowledges applicants with a strong academic background and provides an ongoing incentive for continued academic achievement.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who receive an offer to study in an eligible program and who will commence study with the University of Newcastle in Trimester 2, 2024 and beyond.


Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship is based on a fixed value for each year of study under a standard full-time

study load (80 units) apportioned over each course taken. The Annual value of the scholarship is country-dependent, as follows:

1). Asia Pacific Countries: AU $8,000

2). Africa and Middle East: AU $4,000


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you will need to:

  • Be an International full-fee paying student from one of the countries under scholarship's scheme, see list of eligible countries on this (Terms and conditions PDF)

  • Be commencing study in an eligible CRICOS-registered undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree priority program at the university

  • Not be the beneficiary of a separate University scholarship

  • Be able to meet the financial obligations of a full fee-paying international student specified by the Australian Government


Required documents

Required documents will be listed on the ‘Your Documents’ page of your enrollment application (Opens in July). The application portal accepts PDF only. A maximum of 3 PDF smaller than 5 MB can be added per document type upload field.


Available Study Fields and associated college

The International Excellence Scholarship is available for students enrolling in the following colleges at the University of Newcastle:

College of Engineering, Science and Environment: Offering a range of programs in engineering, environmental science, and related fields, this college focuses on producing graduates who are ready to tackle global challenges.

College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing: Known for its cutting-edge research and comprehensive health programs, this college prepares students for careers in health and medical sciences.

This college provides programs in humanities, social sciences, business, and law, aimed at shaping future leaders and innovators.


Application procedure

The application process for the International Excellence Scholarship is integrated into the university application process, so you don't need to separately apply for the scholarship.

  1. University Admission Application: Apply to the University of Newcastle to an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree and then get considered for this scholarship.

  2. Notification: Successful applicants will be notified of their scholarship offer and the amount in their Letter of Offer from the university.

  3. Acceptance: Recipients must inform the university if they wish to decline the scholarship offer.

Note: Applications for admissions at University of Newcastle in Australia will open on July 1, 2024, so ensure you prepare early and submit your application to be considered for this scholarship.





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