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The Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA) programme For Young Leaders 2025

Calling All Dedicated Young Transformative Leaders In The Euro-Mediterranean! Dive into the world of transformative action with the Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA) programme! This call is all about empowering young leaders to make a tangible impact on their communities.

MYA is a dynamic initiative fostering positive change in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It empowers young pioneers to drive transformation and advocate for societal progress. Through peer collaboration, MYA cultivates a vibrant community where youth exchange ideas and harness their collective potential. Embracing a Euro-med vision, the program bridges cultural divides, promotes dialogue, and encourages active citizenship. MYA envisions a future where youth play pivotal roles in shaping the Mediterranean societal landscape.


MYA Program Benefits

1). Skills enhancement (50 pre-selected young community leaders):

Elevate project management, communication, and transformative leadership skills through an online training programme. Receive a certification endorsed by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) Secretariat.

2). Face-to-face kick-off meeting (25 selected young community leaders):

Join a kick-off meeting in person in one of the Euro-Mediterranean countries for peer review and discussions. Refine methodologies, build connections, and prepare for the initiative's implementation phase.

3). Financial support (25 selected young community leaders):

Receive up to 8,000 euro for implementing community-level initiatives. Foster alliances, contribute to sustainable change and explore potential additional funding sources.

4). Networking opportunities:

Connect with leaders, stakeholders, and civil society representatives. Build a robust network for potential collaborations and future endeavours.

5). Evaluation and learning support:

Receive continuous accompaniment and support. Engage in online intermediate sessions, ensuring timely and collaborative problem-solving. The ALF Secretariat is committed to supporting participants at every stage.

6). ALF youth dialogues

The top-performing young leaders will have the opportunity to activly participate in dynamic events and dialogues organised at the Euro-Mediterranean scale, amplifying youth voices and perspectives, fostering dialogue, and connecting with stakeholders and peers across the region


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Young Transformative Leaders of age between 18 and 35

  2. Have the nationality of one of the 43 countries of the UFM

  3. Affiliated with youth-led or youth-oriented organizations active at the community level

  4. Initiatives should be locally transformative, addressing community needs and promoting inclusion. They can tackle various issues, such as social, economic, public policy, or other issues, as long as there is a clear demonstration that these concerns align with the needs of the community.


Programme phasing

Here is a detailed breakdown of the application phasing :

1). Application submission

This includes the submission of an outline for a transformative initiative of up to 500 words These outlines should focus on transformative initiatives at the local level, addressing community needs and promoting inclusion in an innovative manner

2). Online practical training (for 50 Pre-screened young transformative outlines)

A selection committee will pre-screen the top 50 outlines. If your proposed outline is among the pre-selected 50, engage in an enriching online training programme. Led by expert facilitators, this training will bolster your skills in project cycle management, communication, and dissemination, preparing you for the subsequent phases.

3). Extended proposal

Following the online practical training, you'll be tasked with developing an extended proposal, providing a detailed description of your initiatives and relevant indicators. Based on the evaluation of the extended proposal, the top 25 initiatives will be selected.

4). Face-to-face kick-off engaging meeting (for 25 selected leaders)

The selected 25 young transformative leaders will convene for an immersive in-person kick-off meeting in one of the Euro-Mediterranean countries. This meeting offers a unique platform for sharing approaches, refining methodologies through peer reviews, and fostering collective engagement

5). Implementation of community-based transformative initiatives

With up to 8,000 euro, the selected leaders will implement their initiatives, emphasising multiplier effects and alliances with local entities. Robust measures, including online intermediate sessions and continuous accompaniment, will be in place to maximise results and address potential challenges.

6). Face-to-face evaluation and results-sharing meeting (MYA Forum)

The 25 participants from the kick-off engaging meeting will be invited to participate in the MYA Forum that brings together youth, decision-makers, and stakeholders from the Euro-Mediterranean region at the end of each cycle. It provides a platform for sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and addressing key issues related to youth empowerment, and intercultural dialogue.


How to apply?

Initiate your involvement by submitting your online application via the available online form

before 21 July 2024 23.59 Central European Time, CET.

Ensure alignment with these criteria demonstrating your commitment to driving positive change in your local community. Craft a concise initiative outline, limited to 500 words, focusing on local transformative initiatives that address community needs and promote inclusion.

• In case of technical problems or questions related to the call, please send questions to:





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