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West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) Research Fellowship 2024

WACSI Research fellow

Hello Fellow researchers! Applications are now open forThe West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI). The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) aims to strengthen civil society in West Africa by serving as a center for training, research, and policy dialogue. It also enhances the region's civil society knowledge base.

WACSI's research fellowship program, lasting three to six months, is designed to develop the research abilities of young scholars. These fellows collaborate with seasoned professionals to address civil society challenges, thereby gaining experience, expanding their networks, and acquiring skills beneficial for their careers. This program not only helps them understand community needs but also aids in creating strategies and policies for regional development. Additionally, fellows contribute to gathering and documenting successful practices for wider application.

In this year's fellowship, priority will be given to the documentation of indigenous knowledge practices within the work of civil society in West Africa. Indigenous knowledge refers to the unique, traditional knowledge systems, practices, beliefs, and innovations that have been developed and passed down through generations within indigenous communities. For civil society, Indigenous knowledge refers to the unique, traditional knowledge systems, practices, beliefs, and innovations that have been developed and passed down through generations within indigenous communities. For civil society, indigenous knowledge can play a significant role in informing and enriching the work of non- governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs).



  • The fellowship is open to all young researchers from West Africa. Other young researchers who are not from the region but are interested in understanding and documenting civil society praxis in West Africa can be considered.

  • Candidates interested in working on topical issues related to civil society are highly encouraged to apply. The Institute is keen on having candidates interested on topics related to the following:

  1. Local philanthropy

  2. Technology for development

  3. The localisation agenda

  4. Decolonisation of aid

  5. Resource mobilisation

  6. Civil society sustainability

  7. Leadership and succession

  8. Shift the power

  9. Capacity strengthening for civil society in West Africa.

  10. Strategic partnerships

  • Current master's or PhD students and/or graduates who completed their master's or PhD studies within the last two years.

  • Applicants must demonstrate strong analytical skills and the ability to perform independent research

  • Interested applicants should be able and ready to cover all costs related to the fellowship.

  • Applicants must be able to communicate fluently either in English and/or French. French speaking candidates are highly encouraged to apply.


WACSI Research Fellowship Benefits:

  • Active participation in this fellowship offers fellows with a keen interest in civil society access to a wide range of benefits to help successfully conduct their research or engage in knowledge documentation project.

  • Fellows will be assigned to mentors who will guide them throughout the fellowship.

  • Research fellows will receive monthly stipends and a research allowance from the Institute.

  • Fellows are provided with a wealth of opportunities, skills and knowledge to better plan for or advance their future careers.

  • Candidates would develop at least one WACSI Series publication that will be published on the Institute's website.

  • Official recommendation from WACSI.

  • Free access to WACSI's publications



  • Production of at least two publishable research reports or policy documents. This can be either an Issue Paper, an Op-Ed and/or blogs articles.

  • Contribution to ongoing research conducted and or commissioned by the Institute.

  • Documentation of best practices, case studies and/or success stories.



The fellowship duration is six months (July - December 2024). This will be based on the alignment of the fellowship goals with the student's current academic, career and/or research interests. However, applicants can be selected on a case-by-case basis.


Application procedure and deadline:

Interested candidates should submit the following:

  1. A motivation letter stating their duration and theme of interest

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. A synopsis of not more than one page on the specific theme of interest you would be working on during your fellowship

  4. Sample of an authored article or paper. Provide evidence of any published works if available.

Application Deadline: 31 May 2024


To submit your online application, go to the official Application Portal.

Read more on the Official website

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