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2024 Ian Parry Photojournalism Grant for Young and Emerging photographers (£10,000 grant)

If you’re 24 or under or enrolled in a full-time photographic course, you can enter the 2024 Ian Parry Photojournalism Grant. It’s an opportunity to spotlight new talent and contribute to the vital field of visual storytelling.

The Ian Parry Photojournalism Grant is a prestigious award that supports young and emerging photographers as they embark on their careers in the world of photojournalism. Established over three decades ago in honor of photojournalist Ian Parry, who tragically lost his life while on assignment for The Sunday Times during the Romanian revolution in 1989, the grant provides financial support, mentorship, and ongoing assistance for the promotion of recipients’ work. Importantly, recipients become part of a network of past awardees and an extended family of individuals who deeply value the importance of photojournalism.


Grant Value Benefits

  • Each winner will receive £10,000 towards their chosen project.

  • Loan of Canon equipment for 1 year for the IP Grant winner to complete their proposed project.

  • Inclusion in the Hamburg portfolio review.

  • Eligible for inclusion in the Canon Transmissions Programme at Visa Pour L'Image in Perpignan.

  • A year-long personal mentorship with an industry expert.

  • An assignment by the Founder and CEO of Legacy of War Foundation, renowned photojournalist Giles Duley.

  • They also offer conflict training and body armour to the winner of the IP Photojournalism Grant.

  • In addition, each year a selection of long- listed individuals will have their work spotlighted by the panel of industry judges.

  • The honorary Tom Stoddart Award for Excellence may also be given yearly on the judges' discretion.


Eligibility and Requirements

Age and Education Criteria: The grant is open to photographers who are 24 years of age or under or those enrolled in a full-time photographic course.

Portfolio Submission: Entrants must submit a portfolio of 12 images showcasing their work. These images should demonstrate their skills, storytelling ability, and commitment to photojournalism.

Project Proposal: Along with the portfolio, applicants must provide a clear proposal for a photojournalistic project they would undertake if they receive the grant. This proposal should outline the subject, purpose, and impact of the project.


Application Guidelines

Interested photographers are invited to submit their applications online using this application form.

Candidates applying for the Grant should ensure that their application contains the following information:

  1. Your name, date of birth, permanent address, personal email address, personal telephone number, and if applicable, college, the course title, and course tutor.

  2. A portfolio of 12 photographs, either a photo essay or individual photos.

  3. A project description giving us details of the portfolio you have uploaded for this application

  4. A clear project proposal explaining what project you would undertake if you received the scholarship.

  5. Extended caption for each image as PDF

Application Deadline : 1 September 2024





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