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4 Fully Funded PhD positions at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Updated: May 22

If you hold a master's degree and looking for a fully funded PhD scholarship in Sweden, you're in luck.

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden invites online application for multiple Fully funded PhD positions in various research areas, particularly, psychology, medical sciences, economics and law.



The Multidisciplinary Program on Oral Testimony (MPORT) supported by the Swedish Research Council, investigates oral evidence in criminal cases. As a PhD student, you'll focus on the advantages and disadvantages of collecting early oral evidence in the legal process. Your work will involve quantitative studies, scientific article writing, and collaboration with legal professionals and international researchers. Strong English proficiency is essential.


You can apply for admission to the doctoral program through the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal, by clicking on the “Apply” button found in the linked page above.

Requested documents.

  • dissertations

  • study background

  • work experience

  • research experience (if a scientific report is attached, in which the applicant is not the sole author, then the applicant should describe the specific contributions to the work)

  • motivation for applying to doctoral studies (personal letter)

  • documentation of any specific qualifications asked for in the text above

Application Deadline: 2 June 2024



Project title: "Towards precision medicine for ischemic stroke: Integrating clinical, molecular omic, and neuroimaging data using machine learning"

The objective is to improve mechanistic understanding and enhance prediction of ischemic stroke outcomes using AI approaches*(deep learning and machine learning). The project consists of two main subprojects:

  1. Molecular omics: The PhD student will profile blood-based biomarkers associated with stroke recurrence and functional/neurological outcomes using ML techniques.

  2. Advanced neuroimaging: An AI-based pipeline will extract metrics from brain MRI scans. Radiomic biomarkers will be tested alone and in combination with molecular biomarkers.

You can apply for admission to the doctoral program through the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal, by clicking on the “Apply” button found in the linked page above.

Application Deadline: 9 June 2024



The position as a doctoral student in Private Law with focus on Capital Market Law means that you will be enrolled in the department's doctoral programme and you will conduct research on Capital Market Law, Company Law and Bankruptcy and Insolvency law with focus on the regulation of the Swedish corporate bond market.

The overall research question concerns the obligations of an issuer of corporate bonds to treat bond holders equally.

This is a full-time salaried position. The period of employment is initially one year of full-time studies, with the possibility of extension for another three years. The total length of the doctoral position is 48 months of full-time studies. Teaching may be included up to 20 per cent of full-time. In such cases, the employment will be extended correspondingly

Application Deadline: 14 June 2024



The purpose of the project is to deepen knowledge about geographical differences regarding pregnancy length and investigate its causes. Data will primarily come from the Medical Birth Register, relevant quality registers, and SCB's population register. By using machine learning and spatial analysis methods, we will investigate the effect of various sociodemographic and contextual risk factors; both individually and in different combinations. Furthermore, it will be investigated how these factors affect pregnancy length in different parts of the country. This is to understand causal relationships and develop possible interventions. By evaluating the generalizability of the results outside Sweden, the project can also contribute to a global reduction of premature births and thus promote equality in maternal and child health.

PhD Student Profile:

Experience in epidemiology, machine learning, mathematics, and strong statistical interest. Python proficiency and Unix experience are advantageous.

Application Deadline: 4 June 2024



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