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PhD scholarship in structure based drug design with focus on machine learning at Uppsala University, Sweden

The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University, Sweden is inviting online applications for students looking for a PhD scholarship in the field of biology. The project is in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics and focuses on using molecular modeling techniques to study protein-ligand interactions.


Project Description:

At Uppsala University, we are looking to fill the position as PhD student in data driven cell and molecular biology.

The objective of the PhD project is to develop computational approaches to identify small molecule and peptide ligands that target therapeutically relevant receptors, with the vision to accelerate the drug discovery process. The project will be focused on addressing several challenges in structure-based drug design using artificial intelligence. Recently developed techniques for the prediction of the three-dimensional structures of proteins and protein-ligand complexes will be optimized for drug discovery applications. These methods will be applied to identify ligands of G protein-coupled receptors, a large family of membrane proteins involved in numerous physiological processes. By leveraging machine-learning enhanced virtual screening, the PhD student will be able to perform searches for ligands in chemical libraries containing billions of molecules. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with experimental research groups to evaluate the computational models developed in the project.


Academic Qualifications:

  • The applicant must hold a master’s degree in biology, chemistry, pharmacy, physics, computer science or within another subject which the employer considers to be equivalent.

  • Excellent written and oral knowledge of English is required as the work takes place in an international environment.

  • Good ability to work independently as well as in a group

  • Experience in modelling of proteins (e.g. receptors), protein structure prediction, computer-aided drug design, molecular docking, machine learning, and scientific programming is preferred, but not required.


Application procedure and documents:

Your application should include:

  • A letter where you describe yourself, your research experience, and why you are interested in the position (maximum 2 pages).

  • A CV containing your education, other qualifications, and a description of knowledge relevant for the requirements of the position.

  • A copy of your diplomas and your master thesis.

  • Contact information to two reference persons

-To Submit your application, visit the official application portal here

-For additional details, visit the official post webpage



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