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Dell STEM Aspire Mentorship Program 2024 - 2025 in Ireland

STEM Aspire is a female mentorship program connecting 2nd year college students to mentors within Dell Technologies. Its aim is to encourage and empower enthusiastic students studying STEM based degrees to have rewarding careers in the technology sector. Potential areas include Computer Science, Software Engineering, BIS, Networking, Cyber Security, IT Management, or related fields.


STEM Aspire Mentorship Program Benefits

The STEM Aspire mentorship program by Dell Technologies offers participants a host of unique benefits that will give them an advantage once they enter the job market. These benefits include:

  • Opportunity to work with a mentor and engage in frequent 1-to-1 meetings whereby you can further enhance your understanding of the IT industry and gain insight into your mentors’ career/role.

  • Acquire an understanding of technical careers in Dell Technologies.

  • Opportunity to meet and network with successful women in Dell Technologies and fellow mentees.

  • Preparation for intern and graduate applications (e.g., CV and Interview Preparation, LinkedIn presence, etc).

  • Possibility for paid Summer Internship upon completion of the program and continue your career journey for your 3rd year placement and further.


Eligibility and Qualifications

You qualify for the program if you are a female studying a STEM course in 2nd Year at 3rd level education


Application Procedure

Applications for the STEM Aspire mentorship program are made online through this webpage.

During your application you'll be asked to provide below a CV that covers below areas:

  1. Your name, college and college course.

  2. What area of technology you are most interested in.

  3. Why you are interested in a mentoring program with Dell Technologies.

• Successful applicants will receive a link to complete a short video interview (e.g., describe yourself, your interests, your college course, etc.)

• After your application, you will receive a separate communication with more details on the next steps and the structure of the mentoring program no later than October 11th.

• If you are selected for the programme, you will be expected (in person or virtually) to meet with your mentor (in person or virtually) on a frequent basis (i.e., a minimum of once per month for the duration of the programme).

Application Deadline: October 1st, 2024





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