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GELA The Prestigious Global Foreign Mentorship Programme (PGMP) for Young Graduates - Cohort 12

Calling out young passionate leaders!

Applications are now open for The GELA Prestigious Global Mentorship Programme (PGMP).

Formerly known as WAFMP, PGMP is a transformative initiative that identifies, trains, mentors, and deploys exceptional leaders aged 18-35 years. These leaders come from backgrounds that have historically been marginalized, including people of color and those socioeconomically disadvantaged. The program aims to empower these emerging talents, equipping them to make significant contributions in politics, business, and civil service. Applications for the 2024 Cohort 12 are currently open, with a deadline of July 26, 20241. If you’re passionate about leadership and want to be part of a global network of change-makers, the PGMP could be your gateway to impactful opportunities!


Program Summary

Organizer: Global Entrepreneurs and leaders Academy (GELA)

Program Location: Edo State, Nigeria

Program Duration: 3 months

Targeted segment: Youth leaders and Entrepreneurs

Nationality: All Nationalities

Application Deadline: July 26, 2024


Program Benefits

The GELA Prestigious Global Mentorship Programme (PGMP) offers a wealth of benefits to its participants:

1). Tailored Mentorship: Each participant is paired with an experienced mentor who provides personalized guidance, career advice, and support throughout the program.

2). Global Network: PGMP connects you with a diverse cohort of emerging leaders from around the world. This network fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and lifelong friendships.

Skill Development: Workshops, seminars, and masterclasses cover essential skills such as leadership, negotiation, public speaking, and project management.

3). Access to Opportunities: PGMP opens doors to internships, scholarships, and job placement. Participants gain exposure to influential organizations and decision-makers.

4). Community Impact: PGMP encourages participants to design and implement community projects, creating positive change in their local contexts.

5). Annual Summit: The program culminates in a global summit where participants showcase their achievements and engage in high-level discussions.



To be eligible for the GELA Prestigious Global Mentorship Programme (PGMP), applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged less than 35 years.

  • Willing to learn, embrace diversity and expand network.

  • Willing to get enrolled and thereafter fill the Pre-assessment form.


Application Procedure

  • Register and fill embedded form (find it by scrolling down the page)

  • Keep checking email for selection notice within 2-3 weeks. Only those selected will be provided with link for access.

  • If selected, click exclusive link provided to access the training program courses.

  • Then, still via that link, simply go to "VIEW CART" button to fill other billing information until completion. NB: This course is totally FREE. Doing this will only enable admin give you access from your dashboard.

  • Ensure to join group via link sent via email for onboarding and orientation before programme commencement date.

Important Dates

  • Deadline: 25th July, 2024

  • Selection notice: On a rolling basis.

  • Orientation date: 27th July, 2024.

  • Program commencement: 1st August, 2024.

  • Duration: 3 months.

  • Graduation date: 31st October, 2024.





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