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Dubai Distinguished Students Programme for Emarati Students 2024-25

Updated: May 23

Are you a UAE citizen studying in Dubai, with remarkable academic achievements? Over 400 scholarships are available for outstanding Emirati students attending private schools in Dubai within the framework of Dubai Distinguished Students Programme for Emarati Students, thanks to a partnership between the government and the private education sector.

In this blog we present to you this scholarship and its key features.


Program Highlights:

1. The program covers 50% of annual tuition fees for outstanding Emirati students attending private schools rated 'Good' or 'Better' in school inspections.

2. Eligible students must consistently achieve scores at or above the designated minimum over the last three years, based on their curriculum.

3. Applicants must apply to a different school than their current enrollment; they cannot register in the same school or school group.

4. The scholarship program is applicable to schools and does not extend to university or vocational education.

5. The focus is on students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a strong commitment to their educational journey, as stated on the KHDA website.


Eligibility Criteria:

1. Nationality and Family Book: You must be a UAE national and hold a family book issued by Dubai.

2. Grade Level: You should be enrolled in a grade not lower than Grade 4 / Year 5 and not above Grade 10 / Year 11, or equivalent grades in other applied curriculums in Dubai.

3. Age and Grade Adherence: Your age and grade level must adhere to the school's enrollment policies, as approved by KHDA.

4. No Other Scholarships: You must not be currently enrolled in any other education scholarship facilitated by another Dubai Government entity.

5. No Previous Termination: You should not have been previously terminated from a government scholarship program.

6. Different School Choice: You cannot choose the same school (or school group) where you are currently enrolled.

7. Admission Interviews and Tests: Pass admission interviews and placement tests on due dates set by the candidate school.

8. Screening and Selection: Successfully pass all screening and selection stages conducted by the program based on set enrollment criteria and seat availability.

9. Timely Communication: Respond promptly to all communication via email during registration and enrollment stages.

10. Accurate Documentation: Attach all required documents accurately; submitted documents must be true copies.

11. Academic Performance: Over the past three years, consistently achieve scores at or above the designated minimum as per your curriculum.

12. Equivalent Grades: Provide evidence from the school indicating that the grade achieved is equivalent to at least 90%, if following other curricula or using different grading systems.


Minimum Grades:

Different curriculum have different minimum grade requirements, that you must achieve in order to be eligible for the educational scholarship:

  • MOE (90% or A-)

  • US (90% or A-)

  • UK (6 or B)

  • IB (5)


Participating Schools:

The participating schools and their respective classes are as follows:

  1. Collegiate International School (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  2. Dubai International Academy, Al Barsha (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  3. Raffles International Academy (Year 5 - Year 11)

  4. Uptown International School (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  5. American Academy for Girls (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  6. Jumeirah Baccalaureate School (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  7. Dar Al Marefa (Grade 4 - Grade 10)

  8. Dubai Heights Academy (Year 5 - Year 9)

  9. Raffles World Academy (Grade 4 - Grade


Documents required:

  1. Family book issued by Dubai

  2. Valid UAE passport

  3. Valid Emirates ID

  4. Detailed salary certificate of the legal financial guardian’s income source

  5. A letter from the workplace regarding education allowance for both parents (with details of whether any of them receive an education allowance and the amount of the education allowance if applicable)

  6. Retirement certificate of the legal financial guardian (if applicable)

  7. Student's passport size photo

  8. Student's report cards for the last three academic years

  9. A certified medical report stating if the applicant is a child of determination (if applicable)

  10. Custody letter from court for guardians (if applicable)

  11. Any other documents requested


Application Timeline:

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year will open from May 20 till June 5. Emirati parents can register their children through the KHDA website below, You can also find details info:

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