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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Scholarships - Complete Guide

If you are looking for business or Finance undergraduate or graduate degree from a reputable institute in Europe, then Frankfort School of Finance and Management will definitely hit your list.

Frankfort School of Finance and Management ranks very well on the most prominent and famous ranking systems. For instance, according to the Financial Times Ranking 2023, its master in Finance program was ranked 33 worldwide and made it to the third place in best master in Finance programs within Germany. Furthermore, for the Executive MBA category in same year, Frankfort School of Finance and Management also was amongst the Top 5 in Germany while it took the 53rd place worldwide on the same financial times rankings.

So, it makes sense to dig for scholarships at Frankfort School of Finance and Management because that's what we do!

Frankfort School (FS) offers several scholarship programs for both bachelor and Master's degrees. This article will list for you those programs with some brief details about each program. Let's dig into it!


Frankfort School Bachelor of Science Scholarships

Frankfurt School maintains a scholarship program for its Bachelor of Science geared toward highly qualified students. It consists of a reduction of the tuition fee for the entire duration of the studies. The semester(s) abroad are included in the scholarship, provided that students choose to go to one of their partner universities under a so-called exchange agreement.

Frankfurt School offers different types of scholarships which are open to all students with excellent grades and a strong performance in the Frankfurt School admissions process. They consist of a 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% reduction of the tuition fees. Also, they take into consideration your background, motivation, financial need and extracurricular engagement.

At the moment, The following Scholarship programmes are available for future BSc students:

1). Diversity scholarship programme

Frankfurt School offers a merit-based scholarship programme to ensure that talented students from a diverse range of backgrounds can focus on their future without worrying about their finances.

The diversity scholarship programme promotes diversity in terms of race, academic background, gender and ability. Successful applicants will receive either a 25% or 50% reduction in tuition fees.

2). General Frankfort School Scholarship

The Frankfurt School General Scholarship is intended for applicants with very good grades and a good result in the application process. Applicants can receive a scholarship of 25%, 50% or 75%.

3). The President's Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to exceptionally highly qualified students. It includes a 100% tuition reduction.

4). Premium Scholarship

German Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung) Fast Track and Scholarship ("allgemeine Hochschulreife/Abitur" only)

Students who are recommended by their school for a scholarship from the German Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) will receive priority admission to the BSc programme on a fast track. Instead of completing the full admissions process they only have to apply online, sit the interview and submit proof of language knowledge. Upon acceptance, they will automatically be granted a scholarship with 50% tuition reduction. If they are subsequently accepted into the Merit Foundation itself, Frankfurt School will increase the scholarship to 75% tuition reduction from the third semester onward.


How to apply for FS BSc. Scholarships?

During your application for one of the BSc programmes at Frankfurt School you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and state why they should award you a scholarship. Once applicants have been offered a place at Frankfurt School, the BSc Admissions and Scholarship Committee will let you know whether they will award you a scholarship. So, basically, There's no separate application for these scholarships, during your application there will be a special field to let them know that you're interested in particular scholarship and they'll evaluate you against that scholarship during the committee meeting which takes place twice a year to decide over scholarship grants.

➢ To read further info about Frankfort School BSc. Scholarship programs, visit this webpage.


Frankfort School Master's Scholarships

Frankfurt School offers partially funded scholarships to top applicants of their pre-experience master's programmes:

Selection criteria

Selection criteria include candidates’ academic results (grade of first degree), admission test score (e.g. GMAT), performance in the Frankfurt School selection procedure and candidates’ personal achievements and needs (extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience and, if relevant, professional experience and internships). Scholarships cover a partial amount of tuition.


How to apply for FS MSc. Scholarships?

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants have to answer a question in the scholarship section of the online application form. Scholarship applications sent after the application will not be considered.

For this year (2024), Completed applications for all of master's programmes (which start on: 26 August 2024) must be submitted by 30 June 2024. Incomplete applications or applications received after this date cannot be considered for a scholarship. Frankfurt School awards master scholarships continuously throughout the admission process on a first come first serve basis.


Frankfort School MBA Scholarships

Frankfurt School awards attractive partial scholarships (up to %30) of entire program's tuition fees, with the aim of enhancing the diversity of their MBA. You can apply for up to two scholarships directly in your online MBA application (but only one scholarship can be awarded). FS offers the following MBA scholarship options:

1). High-Performing & Outstanding Candidates Scholarship

This scholarship aims to give recognition to applicants with outstanding academic performance and career trajectory as well as an excellent admissions performance.

2). Entrepreneur & Leadership Scholarship

For motivated applicants with proven entrepreneurial and/or leadership skills and achievements or concrete plans of establishing their own business.

3). Sector-Specific Scholarship (e.g. Engineering, Finance, Technology, Innovation)

For applicants with a specialized background in any field and career trajectory in their area of expertise, who are looking to gain general management & business knowledge with an MBA to further develop their career (this scholarship is not available for the International Healthcare MBA).

4). Women in Business Scholarship

For female applicants who have demonstrated success, professionally or personally, in the field of business.

5). Diversity Scholarship

For international MBA applicants who bring diversity and a global mindset to the classroom with their background or previous experience.


List of Eligible MBA programs

Frankfort School awards scholarships to applicants for the following programmes:

Selection criteria also include the candidates’ academic results, admission test/ GMAT results, application quality, personal achievements and needs. This includes extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience and professional experience.


How to apply for FS MBA Scholarships?

Scholarships must be applied for within the online application, there is no separate scholarship application. Subsequent scholarship applications will not be considered. Frankfurt School awards MBA scholarships on a rolling basis. Therefore it is recommended to apply as soon as possible.

The MBA scholarship committee will review the scholarship application once the admission decision has been made.





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