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SBW Berlin Scholarship for International Students - Study in Germany (Bachelor and Master's)

Updated: May 14

Study in Germany, SBW scholarship
SBW Berlin Scholarship

Scholarship Overview

The SBW Berlin scholarship for international students young people from abroad who are already socially committed and will use the skills they acquire during their studies and thereafter to develop social or non-profit projects at non-profit organizations or social institutions in their home countries. SBW Berlin awards scholarships based on professional qualifications, personal suitability, and financial need1 to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a university or a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) in Berlin or Potsdam. In principle, all scientific, social, and artistic disciplines can be funded. In special cases, the scholarship may support a vocational training in Berlin or Potsdam. Interested applicants are required to have been working with a non-profit organization or social institution in their home countries. This is an important prerequisite for the SBW Berlin Scholarship. Highlighted here is the applicants’ previous social commitment and their general motivation therefor. After the study program or the funding period ends, scholarship recipients continue their social projects within the non-profit organization or social institution and further develop their projects on site in their respective home country. The intention to pursue their professional goals for at least 18 months after the end of the funding period or graduation in their respective home countries or to engage in non-profit work in Germany, considering however a notarized repayment plan2, and to continue participating in regular meetings with SBW Berlin and discussing their professional development (project and job) are other important requirements for the SBW Berlin scholarship for international students. Beginning with the funding period, SBW Berlin supports all scholarship recipients to work towards their professional goals. This is done through practically implementing the study programs’ content into the social projects where possible and through collaborating with the non-profit organization or social institution in the scholarship recipients’ home countries. The scholarship does not cover any funding in other German federal states or abroad.

Who Can Apply?

Application Requirements

Application Guide and Documents required

Scholarship Benefits:

Application Deadline:

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