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Free online courses from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Updated: Jun 13

Tokyo Techx

If you're looking for free online courses apart from the ones offered by Google at Coursera, then you might consider the free online courses offered by Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology (also known as Tokyo Techx) is the top research-based national university in Japan dedicated to science and engineering higher education, with a history spanning 140 years. Tokyo Tech has both undergraduate and graduate degree programs and many research laboratories spread over its three campuses in Tokyo and Yokohama.

In Collaboration with edX which is the online learning platform from world-leading digital education company 2U, Inc, the Tokyo Institute of Technology offers a wide variety of online course that cover multiple disciplines for FREE, you can also get a certification of completion for a small fee.


Courses available

  • Japanese Architecture and Structural Design

  • Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

  • Introduction to Business Architecture

  • Science, Engineering, AI & Data Ethics

  • Basic Japanese Civil Law

  • Monozukuri: Making Things

  • Basic Japanese Civil Law 2

  • Graduate Studies in Japan

  • Modern Japanese Architecture: From Meiji Restoration to Today

  • Introduction to Deep Earth Science

  • “Monotsukuri” Making Things in Japan: Mechanical Engineering

• To start your online learning journey, simply visit this official website of edX and pick the course you want, enroll, and start learning!




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