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ITI Scholarship in Implant Dentistry 2024

If you are a dentist who's passionate about implant surgery and prosthetics and want to expand your career and scientific knowledge, then the The International Team for Implantology (ITI) Scholarship is an option you should consider.

This article will provide you with essential information about ITI Scholarship in Implant Dentistry.


ITI Scholarship Description

The ITI Scholarship Program provides a unique opportunity for young clinicians in the field of implant dentistry. Each year, up to 37 scholars are selected to participate in this prestigious program. During their one-year tenure at an ITI Scholarship Center worldwide, scholars engage in case planning, implant surgery, prosthetic restoration, and often contribute to research. The program not only enhances clinical skills but also fosters international exchange, professional networking, and leadership development. Financial support is provided through stipends, which vary based on the location of the scholarship centers.


ITI Scholarship Benefits and Coverage

The program fosters professional networking, international exchange, and leadership development in implant education. Regarding the Financial Support, the scholarship offers Stipends that vary by location. For example:

  • Australia (Brisbane): USD 23,300

  • Germany (Mainz): EUR 23,400

  • Switzerland (Geneva): CHF 30,000

Note: See full list of The stipend amounts that apply to the different ITI Scholarship Centers here. The stipends reflect the cost of living in the city of the Scholarship Center.


Eligibility and professional requirements

Candidates must fulfill the requirements below in order to apply for an ITI Scholarship.

  • A BDS, DDS or equivalent diploma

  • At least two years' postgraduate training in a dental specialization such as periodontology, oral surgery, prosthodontics or similar OR

  • Three years of professional clinical experience as a qualified dentist including implant-related experience is acceptable

  • At least one peer-reviewed publication

  • At least one oral/poster presentation

  • Certain ITI Scholarship Centers require language certificates for non-native speakers by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship year

  • Candidates must be 37 years or younger at the time of application

  • ITI membership is an application prerequisite (Register here)


Application procedure

To apply for this opportunity and to read more about application process and documents required, refer to this Wepage.

Application Deadline: June 30 2024





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