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Kaunas University of Technology Scholarships (Lithuania) 2025

Thinking about studying abroad, but worrying about the costs? We suggest checking out the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) scholarship list. Admission is open until the end of June.

KTU provides several ways and Opportunities through scholarships and incentives to help students with their finances, Firstly, all KTU international applicants are eligible for a full or partial tuition fee waiver, depending on their entrance score. Secondly, all EU citizens can apply for a state-funded study place. Thirdly, numerous other financial aid opportunities open up once you become a KTU student.

Here are the details for each opportunity.


Scholarships and funding opportunities at KTU

1). Scholarships for International students

All prospective students who submit their application through the official application page

will automatically become candidates to receive a full or partial tuition fee waiver, which is assigned to first-year Bachelor’s or Master’s students with strong academic records and motivation. The application closes on June 30, 2024.


2). State Funding for Europeans

Citizens of the European Union can study at Lithuanian universities, including KTU, for free. Based on your entrance score, you will compete for a state-funded study place with all the applicants. For more information, contact:


3). Talent Scholarship

University’s Talent Scholarships are awarded to the most active students, who achieve exceptional results in their studies, research or art projects, who are active in extra-curricular activities in the areas of business, innovations and social activities that promote KTU name.All bachelor‘s and master‘s students, as well as integrated and non-degree studies students can participate in the Talent Scholarship competition, except for the bachelor‘s students in their first year’s first semester.

Amount of the University’s Talent Scholarship is 250 EUR per month. The total amount of support allocated per semester is 1,000 EUR


4). Incentives for Students

Many scholarship possibilities open up once you start studying. KTU students can apply for Talent, Sponsors, Incentive Scholarships, and an Accommodation Grant.

➢ Check all the scholarships at KTU here.


Application process and conclusion

As mentioned before, there are different scholarships with different application procedures, however, for the international students it is straightforward and needs no separate application, you'll be automatically assessed against the scholarship based on your academic scores, entrance exam scores, and your motivation.

➢ KTU offers 25 bachelor’s and 29 master’s programmes in English. Admission is open until the end of June 2024. Make your pick and apply soon!


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