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Mitacs Accelerate Internships Program in Canada

Mitacs Accelerate Internships

Whether you are an undergraduate, Graduate, or postgraduate student and looking for an internship to kick-start your career, take a look at the Mitcas Accelerate internship program.

This Internship program is Open to post-secondary students, graduate students, recent grads, and postdocs in any discipline, the scalable-in-duration internship opportunity allows you to apply your knowledge and expertise to real-world projects, dividing your time between your academic institution and on-site research at the partner organization.

Keep reading this article to dive deep into details about Mitcas Accelerate Internships Program.


Program overview and Duration

These Canadian internships allow you to work on projects that tackles real-world challenges where you spend approximately 50% of your time at your academic institution and 50% with the partner organization. The program is scalable, with internships starting at four months and extending based on your academic level as follows

1). College students: Up to 3 internships (4-6 months each)

2). Undergraduates and other university students: Up to 3 internships (4-6 months each)

3). Master’s students: Up to 6 internships (4-6 months each)

4). PhD students: Up to 12 internships (4-6 months each)

5). Postdocs: Up to 9 internships (4-6 months each)

Participants are required to submit a final report and exit survey summarizing their project results and experiences.



Partner contribution starts at $7,500 per internship unit (4-6 months), which results in a $15,000 research award. Of the $15,000 award, the intern will receive a minimum $10,000 stipend/salary.

If a project has 6 or more internship units with 3 or more interns, it is possible for the partner organization to contribute $6,000/internship unit instead. This will receive a $13,300 research award with a $10,000 minimum stipend to the intern.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Mitacs Accelerate internship, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Students and postdocs at Mitacs partner colleges and universities in Canada.

  • Recent graduates (within two years of graduation at the start of the project).

  • Non-degree students (diploma, certificate, etc.) at the academic institution’s discretion.

  • Full-time graduate students in select Mitacs partner countries.

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students over the age of 18.

  • All academic disciplines are eligible

  • For-profit and eligible not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, and hospitals in Canada are also within scope.


Application procedure

There's no deadline for Mitacs Accelerate Internships, you can apply anytime throughout the year.

To apply, you first need to visit official website and read about the application process.

Once you grasped the concept, you can head to the online application portal linked below:


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