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Numerous Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Sassari in Italy [Various Fields]

The University of Sassari invites applications for the 40th cycle of its PhD program for the academic year 2024–2025. The selection process is open to qualified candidates, and it includes evaluations based on qualifications and examinations. The available positions, scholarship types, and evaluation criteria will be determined by the Selection Committee.

In this article we provide you with the available PhD scholarships and further details to help you in your application process.


Available PhD scholarships and fields of Study

In this call for applications, several PhD scholarships are available in various fields of research as follows:

  1. Archaeology, History and Human Sciences

  2. Architecture and Environment

  3. Culture, rights, tourism and territory

  4. Economics, management, and quantitative methods

  5. Life Sciences and biotechnology

  6. Agricultural sciences

  7. Chemical Sciences and technologies

  8. Juridical sciences

  9. Medical, Surgical, and Experimental sciences

➢ To each of those mentioned above areas, there are associated themes of research that the student can make their thesis dissertation about.

➢ Download ANNEX1 for detailed information.


Eligibility and Requirements

To understand the eligibility requirements for this PhD call, download and thoroughly read this Call for applications (PDF).


Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted, on penalty of exclusion, by 1 pm of 12 July 2024 (CET) only by connecting to ( and logging in the personal area (or registering if the UNISS web service is used for the first time). Applications must be submitted to the modes provided by the "Instructions for submitting competition applications (PDF)"document published on the same page of the UNISS website where the call is published. If required, the application may be modified directly by the applicant, within the terms of this notice, only via the website ( by logging in, selecting the call and clicking on “edit (modifica).

Application deadline: 12/07/2024.

Help for online services for students is available via e-mail to


Downloadable Content (PDF)






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