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PhD scholarship in Acoustic Monitoring of Small Delphinids, Aarhus University, Study in Denmark

Updated: May 14

study in Denmark - scholarships

Applicants are invited for a PhD fellowship/scholarship at Graduate School of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark, within the EcoScience programme. The position is available from 1 August 2024 or later.

Research area and project description:

The chosen candidate will work with a small, interdisciplinary team to develop methods for detecting dolphin signature whistles and analyze population density. They will be based in Roskilde but will collaborate with researchers in Florida, Woods Hole, and St. Andrews. The project will use extensive datasets of dolphin vocalizations and long-term listening stations. The candidate will also contribute to the analysis of long-term monitoring data from Denmark and work towards improving detection and monitoring of small delphinids in Danish and European waters.

Qualifications and specific competences:

The Candidate must have a relevant bachelor’s degree in biology, engineering, physics, computer science, or related fields. A completed Master’s degree is preferred. The duration of the PhD program will depend on the educational background of the chosen candidate. The candidate must have demonstrated experience with bioacoustics, including experience with fieldwork and data collection, acoustic analysis, and processing of large datasets. The candidate must be familiar with programming and data analysis in at least one programming language. The candidate is expected to have good written and spoken English The candidate must be keen on collaborating with a large team of international colleagues. Additionally, it is beneficial that the candidate has any of the following experience:

  • marine mammal bioacoustics

  • passive acoustic monitoring tools (PAMguard)

  • bioacoustic machine learning including supervised and/or unsupervised classification, model training, and model assessment

  • database management

  • fieldwork on small or large research vessels

  • writing and publishing research papers

How to apply:

Follow this link to submit your application.

Application deadline: 1 June 2024 at 23:59 CEST.

Preferred starting date: 1 August 2024.

For detailed information about the position, see the official Page



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