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Postdoctoral Researcher, Large-scale Hydrological Changes at Aalto University, Finland

Aalto University

Aalto University invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher position within the Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group (WAT). The position is related to the Digital Waters (DIWA) Flagship, aimed at securing water for people and ecosystems through sustainable practices and digital solutions. The postdoc will work on DIWA’s Research Theme 5 ‘Transformative Water Management’, focusing on past and future changes in large-scale hydrological conditions.

This open postdoc position focuses on evaluating the impact of climate change on hydrological conditions by utilising global historical data from observations and reanalysis products. The aim is to create a comprehensive hydrometeorological data cube that allows us to compare the trends across areas using machine learning algorithms. The derived results can then be used in assessing future changes in reference areas, by using past trends from "learning areas", with similar overall hydrometeorogical characteristics.


Job Description:

The postdoc will evaluate climate change impacts on hydrological conditions using historical data and machine learning algorithms. They will create a hydrometeorological data cube for trend comparison and assess future changes based on past trends.



Applicants must have a strong drive for excellence in science, a doctoral degree in relevant fields, strong skills in analyzing large datasets, proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, or Matlab, experience with machine learning algorithms, and fluent English communication skills. Experience with global hydrological models, trend detection, and hydroclimatology is desirable.


Offer Details:

Successful candidates will join Aalto University’s dynamic research team, work in an inspiring environment, receive support for tasks, and become part of the DIWA flagship community. Continuous professional development opportunities are provided, along with Aalto University’s extensive occupational health care. The starting salary is around 3960 € per month (gross).


How to Apply:

Submit applications through the eRecruitment system by May 26th, including a Letter of Motivation, Curriculum Vitae, and List of Publications in English as a single PDF file.

Last Date for Apply: May 25, 2024


For further info about this position and to submit your application, visit this official Link


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