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Singapore A*STAR Fully funded Scholarships for International Students (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research)

Updated: May 17

Singapore A*STAR Scholarship (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research)
Singapore A*STAR Scholarship (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research)

The A*STAR Graduate Academy provides scholarships and fellowships to enable young aspiring scientific talent to pursue their passion in science, and prepare them for a rewarding career in R&D. In addition to offering scholarships and awards for undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral studies at top universities and laboratories locally and overseas, we offer awards and attachment opportunities for pre-university students.

The A*STAR Graduate Award 2024 is a merit-oriented recognition for all international students with exceptional academic achievements. The A*STAR program 2024 invites the world’s most brilliant minds to pursue their Ph.D. at Singapore’s premier institutions.

Annually, the Singapore Government announces various Singapore International Scholarships for Jordanians and other nationalities to aid International Students in their studies at the top universities in Singapore. Currently, the Government of Singapore has announced the A*STAR Scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year.

A*STAR Scholarship Details

Scholarship Country


Degree Levels

Singapore Graduate Award 2024 Benefits:


Types of Scholarships by provider

Government of Singapore Scholarships

Singapore Government Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study a Master, Masters’s Leading to Ph.D., or Direct Ph.D. After a 4-Year Undergraduate Program. The Scholarship is Funded by the Agency for Science, Technology & Research

Singapore University of Technology Scholarship

The National University of Singapore Scholarships

A*STAR Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • SINGA requires no certification to prove English Language Proficiency as it is a test that can be taken in the course of an interview.

  • However, an English Language Certificate can be required by the particular university.

  • Singaporean citizens or applicants who have already completed the tertiary level in Singapore cannot apply.

  • Candidates who want to apply to the master’s program are not qualified.

  • Only those who intend to pursue a Ph.D. in science and engineering are eligible.

  • Ph.D. courses in humanities, social sciences economics, and the like are not considered to be eligible.

  • Candidates must be students from abroad.

  • The applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.

  • The applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent academic records.

  • The applicant should be proficient in speaking the English language.

Application Instructions

  • The candidates have to submit all the necessary documents online.

  • The candidates have to select the research projects by browsing the projects from “Go to Research Areas”.

  • The referees have to send the reference letters directly to SINGA.

  • The application process will start once at least two reference letters will be received by SINGA.

  • Soft copies of the required documents must be uploaded to the online application.

  • Applicants who are applying through the SINGA portal are not required to apply on university portals separately.

  • Try to submit your application at least two weeks before the deadline because once the application is submitted your referees relieve an email and they are 7 days to complete and send the reference letters.

  • The candidates have to elaborate their research proposals in the application forms.

  • The candidate can submit more than one or up to 3 research proposals.

  • There is no need to contact the supervisor in order to apply for SINGA.

  • The candidates can apply in any field of interest for a Ph.D. and there is no compulsion to follow the major in bachelor.

Required Documents for A*STAR Scholarship 2024:

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the A*STAR (SINGA research scholarship) in Singapore is 1 June 2024.

You can submit your application by visiting the official application portal, Linked below.



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