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Stanford University Free online courses

In Today's article about free online courses, we present the StanfordOnline.

StanfordOnline is Stanford University's online learning portal, offering learners around the world access to Stanford’s extended education, professional development, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Powered by edX, the leading online-learning platform, Stanford University offers a robust catalog of free online courses in various fields including the rapidly evolving data science and Programming languages like R and Python along with a variety of other courses that span over different fields of science, engineering, medicine , healthcare as well as social sciences and Humanities. Below we present some examples of the Free online courses offered by Stanford University.


StanfordOnline Free Online Courses

➢ There are over 80 courses in StanfordOnline library of free courses that you can discover on this Webpage.

➢ You can also pay a small fee to obtain a certificate of Completion for whichever course you've completed.





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