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The Belt and Road Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025 | To study in Macao, China

Updated: Jun 28

The Belt and Road Scholarship is receiving applications for the year 2024/2025 intake. The Belt and Road Scholarship to Study in Macao allows students from specific countries (see below) to pursue undergraduate education in Macao, China. The Applications can be made from 3 June 2024 until 30 August 2024 .


The Belt and Road Scholarship Summary

Eligibility: Open to Students from Portugal, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Hungary and Mongolia.

Study Level: Bachelor's degree

Scholarship amount: 100,000 (MOP/person/yr)

Application Deadline: 30 August 2024


List of Participating institutes

1). Macau University of Science and Technology

2). University of Macau

3). Macao Polytechnic University

4). University of Saint Joseph

5). Macao Foundation

6). Macao Institute for Tourism Studies


Application Timeline

• 3 June - 30 August, Application Period:

Students recommended by the ministries of education in their respective home countries or the diplomatic and consular posts of the People's Republic of China, who are also accepted and recommended by institutions of higher education in Macao. (Contact your ministry of education for exact procedure)

• Early to Mid Sept., Assessment of Documents:

Approval of recommendation lists submitted by higher education institutions and confirmation of selectees by the Macao Foundation.

• Mid to late Sept. Notification of final selectees:

Notification to the institutions concerned.


Application guideline

1). Choose a Chinese university and a degree program that is eligible for the Belt and Road Scholarship program.

2). Contact the international student office of the chosen university to obtain information about the application requirements and deadlines.

3). Apply for admission to the chosen university through the university’s online application system. Applicants should provide all the required documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, language proficiency certificates, and letters of recommendation.

4). Get a recommendation from the ministry of education in your respective country or from the deplomatic counselor posts of China in your country (Process differs for each country, it is recommended to contact your ministry of education and ask about exact details and steps).


More information regarding this scholarship can be consulted at this link, where you can find PDF files containing the information.

You can also reach out to Macau Foundation by email:


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