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The Next Genius Undergraduate Scholarship for 2024-2025

If you are a student from South Asia and you have just completed or about to complete your high school and looking for a scholarship to sponsor your bachelor degree studies in the USA, then The Next Genius Scholarship Program could be your golden ticket. Designed specifically for high-achieving students with a vision for their future, this program offers full and partial tuition scholarships to study at a host of colleges across the US. That have partnered with the Next Genius Foundation. In the last 8 years, Next Genius partner colleges have awarded scholarships worth $38 million, helping 294 students to pursue their undergraduate education in the US.

In 2024-2025 Academic year, The Next Genius Scholarship Program will award over 200 full and partial tuition scholarships to shortlisted students from South Asia to pursue their undergraduate education at their partner institutions in the US.

In this article we will be presenting to you all essential details you need to know about this opportunity to help you shape your future!


Scholarship Coverage

The Next Genius scholarship typically offers Two types of coverage; a 75%-100% for full tuition and 30%-90% for partial scholarships, see details below. The foundation also offers educational loans for the winners at low-interest rates in case they need extra cash.

75% or more Tuition Scholarship:

The Next Genius Scholarship only covers the actual tuition (fees) component of the undergraduate education. A scholarship winner will be provided a 75% or more tuition waiver for only four years of their undergraduate education. The scholarship does not offer money expenses such as accommodation, food, stationery, insurance & travel. Any non-tuition expenses are the liability of the parents and the student. For thes cholarship winners, the total cost of attendance (tuition + living expenses) can range anywhere between USD 20,000 - 30,000 per year (₹15 Lacs - ₹22 Lacs).

Partial Tuition Scholarship:

A partial scholarship winner would be provided a partial-tuition fee waiver for only four years of their undergraduate education. Partial scholarship winners will have to arrange up to USD 30,000 (₹21 Lacs) towards tuition expenses yearly and about USD 15,000 (₹10 Lacs) towards living costs like accommodation, food, stationery, insurance & travel per year. Any non-tuition expenses are the liability of the parents and the student.


Partner U.S colleges

In 2024-25, The Next Genius Scholarship Program has partnered with the following leading colleges in awarding over 200 full and partial tuition scholarships to shortlisted students from South Asia:

  • Augustana College, Illinois

  • Beloit College, Wisconsin

  • Cornell College, Mount Vernon, lowa

  • Cottey. College, Missouri

  • Dickinson College, Pennsylvania

  • Gettysburg College, Pennsylvani a

  • Ithaca College, New York Knox College, Illinois

  • Lewis & Clark College, Oregon

  • See full list of partner colleges



1). High School Seniors: Currently in Grade 12 (or gap year)

2). Citizenship:

  • Citizens of Bangladesh, India, and Nepal

  • Indian citizens living abroad

  • Foreign nationals living/studying in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal

3). Critical Thinking Ability: Strong creative problem-solving skills, both in academic and non-academic settings

4). Soft Skills: Strong communication and leadership skills. Positive attitude & charisma.

5). College Fit: Students who create their college list based on "fit" tend to gain more success in the application process. Students are highly encouraged to learn more about the colleges and scholarships and identify the colleges that fit their aspirations and profiles the best.

6). Financial ability: You can demonstrate financial ability to pay for travel and basic living costs in the United States


Application Procedure Step-by-step guide

To apply for the Next Genius Scholarship, you need follow below steps:

Step 1: Online Application

To be considered for a scholarship you need to register on and pay the registration fees of ₹700 before November 14, 2024 using this form.

Step 2: Profiling & College Selection Form Submission (November 2024)

• After registration, students will receive comprehensive information about various colleges and scholarships. They are invited to identify college(s) of their choice and

complete the Profiling & College Selection Form by November 2024 to indicate their preferences.

• As part of the Profiling & College Selection Form, students are required to create a one-minute video showcasing their critical thinking skills. In the video, they will discuss a major social issue affecting the world and present their proposed solution to address it.

• Taking into account the college preference orders, online critical thinking videos, demonstrated interest, and profiles, the Next Genius team will allocate colleges to all the invited students by November 2024. This allocation process will segregate all students into mutually exclusive cohorts per college. Subsequently, students will confirm their acceptance of the allocation by making a fully-refundable deposit of ₹4000 online.

• The ₹4000 refundable deposit is necessary to demonstrate continued interest in the program and to reserve an interview spot. The full amount will be refunded after the student participates in the scholarship interview. However, it's important to note that the full amount will be forfeited if students reserve an interview spot but fail to submit a complete college application or participate in the interview for any reason.

Step 3: College Application (January 1, 2024)

• Shortlisted students will receive an application fee waiver for the respective colleges and will be asked to submit their full application by Jan. 1 2025. All applications will be considered under the Regular Decision enrollment plan.

• Prior to the final scholarship interview, the shortlisted students are expected to submit the following documents to the college allocated to them. All documents must reach the college before Jan. 1, 2024.


Required Documents

For College Application

  1. Completed CommonApp Application Form

  2. Completed College-Specific Supplementary Form

  3. School Counselor/Principal Recommendation Letter

  4. Submission of Grade 9-12 Transcripts by School Counselor

  5. Two Teacher Recommendation Letters

  6. SAT/ACT* (might be required by some colleges)

  7. TOEFL/IELTS* (might be required by some colleges)

  8. Portfolio* (might be required for certain majors)

For Financial Aid Application

  1. CSS Profile / ISFAA Form / COF Form

  2. Scan of parents last 3 years Income Tax returns

  3. Last 12 months bank statement of parents

Step 4: Scholarship Interviews (January 19-20, 2024)

• Shortlisted students who have submitted their full college application will be invited to attend a group interview with The Next Genius Foundation and the college admission officer approximately on January 20, 2025.

Application Deadline: 14 November, 2024

➢ For further info, visit the FAQ webpage , or

➢ Also, refer to this studenthandbook for comprehensive guide and information.





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