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Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Generation AI Doctoral Fellowships 2025

Hokkaido University in Japan is inviting qualified PhD candidates to apply for their PhD scholarships programs. Under the scholarships' scheme two major programs are issued which are; the EXEX Doctoral Fellowships which provides substantial support for doctoral students that covers a wide range of research fields, including Engineering and environmental sciences. The second program is Next Generation AI Doctoral Fellowship which focuses on AI research.

Below are essential details about these programs.


Fellowships Benefits

Both programs mentioned above provide awardees with the following benefits:

1). Monthly Allowance and Research allowances

180,000 yen per month to cover living expenses, additionally, 400,000 yen per year will be allocated to support research expenses.

2). Travel Allowance

The fellowship includes a travel allowance. This allows fellows to attend conferences, workshops, or other academic events related to their research. It’s a great opportunity to network and share insights with scholars from around the world.

3). Research Expenses

While not explicitly mentioned, some fellowships also provide additional funds for research-related expenses. These could include purchasing books, accessing specialized databases,


Eligibility Criteria

Academic Requirements: Must be entering the doctoral course at Hokkaido University in October 2024, or April 2025.

Research Proposal: A robust research proposal demonstrating excellent research abilities and readiness for interdisciplinary work.


Application documents and procedure

For Exact application procedure and required documents, visit the official website of:

Application Deadline: 28 June, 2024 5:00 pm





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