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(Now Extended!) The GCUB-Mob Scholarship 2024-2025 /Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB) Scholarship (800 Scholarships) at Master's and PhD. levels

Updated: Jun 27

GCUB Scholarship 2025


The highly anticipated Scholarship to Study in South America is now open for applications. The GCUB-Mob Scholarship in Brazil is a program provided by the consortium of 55 Brazilian Universities (GCUB). International students are invited to apply for master's and PhD degree programs at any of the 55 Brazilian Universities. This is your chance to be part of one of the biggest international scholarship programs. There’s no requirement for an acceptance letter or the need to contact any professor.

Program Snapshot:

The International Cooperation Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB) has announced the Third Edition of the GCUB International Mobility Program (GCUB-Mob). This program is supported by various organizations and aims to contribute to the development of high academic level students worldwide, promote university internationalization, and strengthen international cooperation between Brazilian universities and institutions of other countries. In this edition, about 850 master’s and doctoral degree scholarships for international students will be awarded by 55 Brazilian universities. The programs will begin in 2025. Students can apply from May 2nd, and registration will close at 23:59 (BRT) on July 1st 2024


Scholarship Coverage and Benefits:

The selected candidates are to receive the following benefits:

  • Exemption from paying enrollment fees, tuition, or academic fees.

  • A Monthly Stipend to cover the living expenses for the full duration of the program.

  • Applications for scholarships are free.

  • Note: For OSC Member States: 400 Scholarships are reserved (See OSC Members).

For Students who will receive GCUB scholarships from OSC member states. The OSC will provide up to USD 1,500 per student for airfare, visa processing, international medical insurance, and other personal expenses not covered by GCUB’s associated universities.


Courses and Fields of study available:

Check this table to observe the available Master’s and PhD degrees programs which contains information on the university, language requirements, and duration of the program. The duration of the Master’s program is up to 24 months and the duration of the Doctoral program is up to 48 months. (Important note: The file Linked below contains the available study programs translated into English, we noticed that the original file was hard to navigate and not in English so we created an English version file with some modifications, that might save you some time translating. (Note: Translation might be little off on some occasions since it was by Goggle translate, but in General, below file will be sufficient)



  • Submit an individual scholarship application in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French.

  • Be a citizen of a Country that maintains a diplomatic relationship with Brazil.

  • Not having Brazilian nationality.

  • Declare to be in good health conditions (physical and mental) to carry out postgraduate studies.

  • To have the ability to finance additional expenses not covered by the scholarship, such as: airfare, visa processing, international health insurance for the entire study period, and other maintenance expenses.

  • Submit the graduation diploma, regardless of the degree you applied for: Master’s or Doctorate.



  • Copy of identification on document (citizenship document, passport or national identification document)

  • Curriculum Vitae (there is no need to include proof of courses or experience at the time of application on. However, such documents may be requested, at any moment, by GCUB or by the host university).

  • For Master’s candidates: Diploma, certificate of completion of university studies, or declaration from the university that certifies the completion of studies carried out: undergraduate course (or bachelor’s degree).

  • For Doctorate’s candidates: Diploma or certificate of completion of university studies: undergraduate course or bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree (if required by the chosen Doctoral program).

For each of the programs of study options chosen, the candidate must submit two essays.

- Specifications: font Times New Roman, size 12; line spacing of 1.5 cm and margins (top, bottom, right and left) of 2.5 cm.

- Essays contents:

Essay 1: Academic expectations and interests; professional expectations and perspectives for returning to the country of origin (maximum 1,000 words).

Essay 2: For each of the desired Master's or Ph.D. courses, present a text containing a maximum of 4,000 words, covering the following topics:

  1. Justification of the selection

  2. Central theme and research problem

  3. Delimitation on and Justification on of the object of study

  4. Literature review

  5. Methodological process

  6. Timeline

  7. Bibliographical references

Note: The research proposal presented in Essay 2 serves as an evaluation instrument, it may be modified or reformulated a er enrollment in the course, upon recommendation of the supervisor professor, depending on its alignment with the course's research lines and the feasibility of the proposal.


Application Procedure:

  1. Students are highly advised to read the Call for applications PDF file

  2. Gather your documents and submit your application on the official application portal here


Application deadline:

The applications for the Masters or Doctoral scholarships of the GCUB International Mobility Program – GCUB-Mob are open until July 1st, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. (BRT).


Selection Results:

GCUB will announce the results on its website:

The list of successful participants will be announced later this year, on the 25th of September 2024. The scholarship will commence in 2025.

Further Info:

For detailed information about everything, visit the official website

Note: The website is experiencing slow speed due to heavy traffic, the website linked here is still working but might take longer to load.


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